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Do note that irreparable damages, loss and theft will not be covered. You will have to compensate us with the RSP shown on our website for the item. For loss and theft, please provide us with the police report.

If you don’t return your pieces on time, your item will be considered re-rented and will be added to your next month’s subscription. In the event of cancellation of your membership and If we still haven’t received your return after the applicable return date, we reserve the right to charge you the market value price (RSP) for that item, plus the cost of the late fees incurred and any other additional expenses incurred in trying to retrieve the item.

When this happens, kindly do inform our customer service team at about your late returns so that we do not charge your credit card with the late payment charges.

Your returns will be accounted for and renewed, however the items that you do not return will be automatically counted as a renewed item. This means that you will get to choose a new outfit for the returned items only. Until you return our items, you will not be able to change a new item.

If you missed out on the return date, your existing item will be renewed automatically. This means that the item that you are keeping with you will be brought forward to the next month as your renewed rental. To continue changing new attire monthly be sure to return your items before your new rental date begins!

Yes off course! We understand the busy schedule that everyone has, that is why we will notify you 7 days in advance prior to your return date via sms and also email.

All of our items must be returned within 1 month from the time your rental date begins. You can always check your rental/return date via your account profile page on our website.

Send your returns via OUR SELECTED MAIL COURIER (with tracking and insurance) or OUR SELECTED MAIL COURIER priority mail (with insurance). Kindly contact customer service for the return address. Once you replied to our email, kindly send us your new return tracking information. You will be responsible for paying for the new shipment. Your next package will include a new return envelope.

As we are on a mission to save mother earth and to go green as well, we would recommend that you use the box as a return box when you return your package to us.

Orders typically ship out 1-2 days before your rental begin date. Don’t forget, if you’re having your rental delivered to an office or apartment building you’ll need someone to sign for the package.

Your order will ship out from our headquarters 1-2 days before your rental begin date. Once it’s shipped, you can track your orders in real time with your tracking number. You will also receive an email and sms notifications during the entire process.

Your order should arrive 1-2 days after its original mailing date.

There are no shipping and handling fees. We take care of that for you, both ways.

We currently only ship to Klang Valley in Malaysia. We currently do not ship to international addresses.

If you need to take a small break from your subscription, just write to and let our team know about hold request. We can place your account on hold for up to three months. Please note that your official hold will begin once you have returned all clothes your back to HYPE2U.

You can cancel at any time prior to the next billing cycle by contacting us at

You can pay using all major credit cards (including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.) via our payment gateway STRIPE.  We do not accept checks, money orders and cash as payments. HYPE2U takes security seriously and the payment platform we use is very stable and secure. Your credit card data is never sent to our servers and instead sent directly to STRIPE. We are using STRIPE to process payment as our trusted payment processor.

Your billing cycle will be exactly 1 month from the date when your subscription start. You can always check in your account profile for the next billing cycle.

You will automatically be charged monthly to your credit/debit card. You will see in your statement that you will be charged by us under : HYPE2U

Currently you can only change 1 new box during the rental period. In the future we will have an unlimited plan where you are able to change as many times as you want in a month!

Although it will be highly unlikely as all our items go through strict checking before being shipped out; However in the event that you find that there are damages in your items, take a picture of it and send it over within 24 hours of receiving your item, to our customer service executive by email to :

We understand that while you are out looking great, unforeseen circumstances might happen without you even knowing. Thankfully our restoration department is there to inspect the severity of the damaged items. Small wears and tears are not an issue at all and can be restored, however if damages are far beyond repair, you will be liable for any damages to the item. Kindly see our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding damaged items.

You do not need to do that at all. Just pack all your used clothing into your HYPE2u box and we will handle the rest. Easy.

Just like new! We take great care to clean and inspect all of our items so they arrive in like-new condition. Our professionals do all the dry cleaning and repairs in our cleaning facility to preserve the high quality control that we have.

In the event that you really need to wash your items; we recommend that you contact our customer service hotline. Please do remember that you will be liable for any damages done to our items during the cleaning process!

We do not recommend that you clean our items as handling it without proper care may result in damages. All our garments go through a special process of cleaning and inspection by our professional cleaners. Any alteration/tailoring done is also prohibited.

All our items are dry-cleaned and specially cared for at our special cleaning facilities. We use the most sophisticated cleaning method to ensure that our items are thoroughly cleaned and restored to its brand new state.

The Terms & Conditions you agree upon when placing an order state that you are to be the only person who wears any item borrowed during your borrowing period. If someone else wears the garment during your rental period and something happens to it you will be held liable.

If you lost a piece of our item, the first thing you should do is to contact our customer service executive. As per our Terms and Conditions, any lost or irreparable item due to damages will be charged as purchased goods at the RSP stated on our website.

After successfully subscribing to our plan, our HYPE2U concierge will be contacting you on the next working day to arrange for a delivery to your location of choice. Feel free to include any additional special requests and our concierge will do his best to accommodate to you.

Verification is required for all member accounts. You’ll only be able to utilize HYPE2U once you’ve been verified. Through the verification process, we establish each user’s identity for security and verification purposes. Verification is a two-step process: Step 1: You upload documents Depending on the particular rental request, we may ask you for some/all of the following information: • ID • Selfie with you holding your ID • A proof of address dated from the last 3 months • A proof of employment (payslip) • Personal and/or professional social media or website links • Credit card details We’ll let you know which of the above documents you need to upload when you make your rental request. We store your documents on file, so you don’t have to re-upload the same documents again the next time you rent. Step 2: We make a verification assessment Once your documents have been uploaded, a combination of humans and non-humans assess your application to establish your identify and assign you a trustworthy score. If you get a high enough trustworthy score, your account is verified and you can freely use the site. If the trustworthy score is too low, we unfortunately will have to restrict your access on the site. Whilst our Verification algorithm is incredibly effective, being verified is an ongoing process. In an unlike scenario that HYPE2U is uncomfortable with a user’s identity we reserve the right to suspend an account or request more verification information.

Right before you subscribe for our services, a simple verification step is required of our members. Our verification process is to confirm the identity and details of our subscriber as this is required in our Terms & Conditions. It also gives our subscribers extra protection in case of product theft or missing parcels.

You will be receiving 4 items per month! These 4 items will consist of: 1 Luxury Item, 1 Premium Item, and 2 Street items per box. You can only choose a new item after you have returned the items after one month and we have received all of the items checked out. Any unreturned items after the return date will be deemed renewed automatically.

Currently our subscription package will entitle you to rent any 4 pieces of clothing in our collection consisting of : 1 Luxury Item, 1 Premium Item and 2 Street Items in a single Box!

HYPE2U is an exclusive service for members and early registration users only. We currently have a waitlist on our site and do have limited supply of styles for the time being. We are doing our best to add in new styles as quickly as we can. Once you join the waitlist, your spot will be held. We appreciate your patience. We will notify you when spaces open up and we are able to bring you on.

Hype2U is the first luxury streetwear premium subscription service in the world. Our experts curate the world of established and emerging streetwear designers and bring the freedom of unlimited style choices to your doorstep. Our Mission is to help everyone experience Fashion Freedom and Financial Freedom at the same time, being able to have an unlimited closet of style choices without breaking the bank.

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