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COVID-19: Safety Measures

With the outbreak of COVID-19, HYPE2U is fully aware of the tough challenges ahead and is committed to battling the said virus by using all necessary safety measures.

The best way to curb the spread of the virus is by making sure we have all our safety precautions in place. Here is what HYPE2U is doing in regards to making sure that your package is delivered to you COVID-19 FREE.


1. Disinfectants

All clothing going out and coming in are sprayed with disinfectants thoroughly. We make sure that our clothes, hangers, wrappers and boxes are disinfected thoroughly may it be before delivering or after receiving.

2. Cleaning and Steaming

Cleaning and reparation works are made at our in-house facility, which is primed to battle COVID-19. Our professional in-house cleaners meticulously clean and steam each returned item. All our items are placed in a protective environment after they are shipped to our warehouse before we send them out.

3. Temperature Monitoring

All our staff at HYPE2U undergo daily temperature checking. When your item is delivered to you, you can see the temperature taken that of the handler of your item and that of the delivery personnel. We update this on the tag attached to your box so you will know.

4. Safety Check and Records

As part of the safety measures proposed by the government, we comply by having a delivery record of all our customers so that in an unlikely situation where there is a cluster detected, we are able to trace it back to the source. This ensures the safety and protection of our community.

5. Protective Gear

All HYPE2U staff wear protective gear such as face mask and gloves in our warehouse. This minimizes the risk of transferring any unwanted anomalies while handling your clothing.

HYPE2U is doing what we can to make sure that you can have a peace of mind while being your best. Most importantly, we are here do our part as a community. At HYPE2U we are fully committed in battling the spread of the novel virus COVID-19.